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Terms and Conditions

1) The User has the right to a refund for a cancelled Order only if the Participating Merchant has not yet accepted his/her Order. Should he/she still decides to cancel his/her Order after it has been accepted by the Participating Merchant, he/she understands that no refunds (whether in whole or in part) will be issued to him/her and he/she forfeits the delivery of his/her cancelled Order.

2) PoodTrip reserves the right to cancel any Order of the User and/or suspend, deactivate or terminate the User’s PoodTrip account in its sole discretion if it reasonably suspects or detects fraudulent behavior or activity associated with the User’s PoodTrip account and/or with the User’s Orders. In the case of termination, the User’s account shall be deleted from the Application and the User’s name shall be blacklisted and blocked should he/she signs-up and uses the Application in the future.