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Terms and Conditions

1) If a cancellation or delay of five hours or more disrupts a connecting journey for which you hold a through ticket (with a planned connection time of 24 hours or less) and you no longer wish to continue to your destination, the operating carrier will provide a return flight to the original point of departure at the earliest opportunity as well as refunding the parts of the journey not flown.

2) If you choose not to continue with your journey and decide to return to your point of departure, the purchaser of your ticket is entitled to receive a reimbursement for the part(s) of the journey which were flown, providing that you can prove that the journey no longer serves any purpose in relation to your original travel plans. To obtain a reimbursement of a flown sector, the purchaser of the ticket must make the claim at the same time as claiming the refund of the unflown sectors.

3) Returned items reported late by the merchants, and have cashbacks already credited to the user may lead to deductions in future cashback disbursements to reflect the late merchant adjustment.